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Road Safety Video Analytics

Permanent and temporary traffic cameras have become a powerful tool for traffic safety.

At most intersections, crash history does not provide a good representation of risk factors. 

Measurement of near-misses and other risk factors in video can provide comprehensive understanding of risk levels.

In this webinar, you will learn why cities like Los Angeles, Austin, Montreal, and Winnipeg, along with county, state, and provincial DOTs are using MicroTraffic to: 

  • Obtain detailed diagnostics at known problem locations
  • Conduct rapid assessments of the effectiveness of road safety interventions
  • Perform proactive network screening based on latent risk factors

Meet our Presenter:

CM Headshot

Craig Milligan is the lead road safety engineer at MicroTraffic.

Craig worked as a road safety engineer for the World Bank, the Province of Manitoba, and Fireseeds North before MicroTraffic, He specializes in road safety audits and network screening. 

Craig is the past chair of the TAC Road Safety Standing Committee and is a current board director with the International Road Federation.